The Brennen Series

If you like strong female characters, a little bit of steamy romance and lots of action, be sure to check out the Brennen series.

One murderer can shatter the peace of a nation. 

A military posting at the royal palace has always been Rayah’s dream, but it turns into a nightmare when she learns that her cheating ex-boyfriend is in the same unit. Can she keep the past in the past?

Things get worse when a crazed killer named Rancor escapes from prison, hungry for revenge against the entire nation of Brennen. His first target is the king and queen’s young heirs – the very people Rayah and her elite unit are sworn to protect. Yet how can The Elite stop a maniac when everyone in the palace seems to have their own agenda…including the queen?

The odds are impossible and Rancor seems unstoppable. The fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

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